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Class's meet  Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm and weekends to meet your needs. All of our classes are taught independently so you can take them at your own speed.

We offer courses that provide all the needed certifications to work in a dental office.

Certificates are issued for each class upon completion.

PDE keeps class size small so that students are provided individual instruction and develop confidence in their skills.




The "5" classes listed below are called "CERTIFICATE" Classes and are required

when you apply for the RDA test.

The Pit & Fissure Sealant is not mandatory to apply for the RDA test, but is mandatory with in the first year of your license remewal as an RDA. You have the option of taking the class before or after you become an RDA.

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  • Dental X-ray                  *

  • Coronal Polish              *

  • Infection Control         *

  • Dental Practice Acts    *

  . .   CPR                                       *


         Pit & Fissure Sealants    This certification must be completed within the first year of              

                                                       renewal as an RDA, if you had not previously taken the class.


    . Basic Temporary Crowns and Fillings

  • Basic Dental Anatomy

  • Basic Dental Instruments

  • Basic Chairside skills

  • Basic dental lab procedures 

  • For those that are instrested in advancing their career by becoming a Registered Dental Assistant, PDE offers classes to help prepare students for the state exams.  


  • NO SCHOOL can GRADUATE you as an RDA  Nope, not even PDE :-}

  • Every student that graduates from a Long Term Assisting program, graduates as a DA, which is an Assistant that is not yet licensed by the state.  

  • Anyone wanting to become an RDA,  must take the California state test.  

  • The RDA state test is open to everyone who meets state requirements*

  • via any Assistant that has 15 months or more work experience in a dental office

  • or has formal education, can apply to the state to take the exams.  


PROFESSIONAL DENTAL ENTERPRISES has been providing independent course(s) and Continuing Education classes for Dental Professionals since 1985.



                  **Rememeber we pride ourselves on our SMALL classes in order to assist our students***